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Monday, June 30, 2014

‘Middle Men’ Producer Christopher Mallick Hit With $12M Fraud Judgment

Law360, Los Angeles (June 20, 2014, 8:56 PM ET) -- A Hollywood producer behind the 2009 Luke Wilson film "Middle Men" was hit with an $12 million judgment in California court Friday for failing to uphold his settlement with Fire Glow Holding Inc., which alleged he lied about his net worth to obtain a loan to finance films.

[ Mallick is also currently scheduled to appear in Los Angeles Court for a 2015 Trial for failing to abide by the terms of a promissory note made to an alleged ePassport victim, whereby the plaintiff's family member is alleged to have died due to lack of medication, as a direct or proximate cause of Christopher Mallick's negligence.]  - edit by Justin B. -

The trust company's managing director, Greg Elias, alleged Christopher Mallick had lied about the purpose of a $15 million loan and the value of his own holdings, including defunct electronic transfer company ePassporte, before blowing the loan on a botched film project.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis issued a ruling without coming to the bench, granting the motion to enforce a settlement agreement by Fire Glow, which is based in Dutch Curacao, and entered a final consent judgment against Mallick. Fire Glow's motion to enforce settlement said that Mallick's opposition to the judgment was an attempt to escape his obligations under the parties' March 2013 settlement agreement.

“Defendant concedes the court's jurisdiction to enter judgment, concedes the parties entered into a settlement, concedes the defendant defaulted and concedes the defaulted amount,” the motion said. “Defendant's tactic now is to disavow knowledge of the language of the specifically agreed-upon consent judgment. ... This 'Hail Mary' is entirely contrived and must be rejected.”

Friday's judgment was another blow for Mallick, who sank millions of his own money into notorious flop "Middle Men," a fictionalized telling of his rise to fortune through the creation of an online payments processing company, ePassporte, which became ubiquitous as a method of payment for pornography websites.

In Fire Glow's complaint, filed in September 2011, investor Greg Elias alleges that Mallick solicited the loan from Elias by saying that he needed the money to pay off a divorce settlement with his ex-wife. The defendant said he would give Elias a cut of ePassporte's cashflow while the loan remained outstanding, and that the potential sale of the company — which Mallick claimed had been valued by a potential buyer at $80 million — would cover Mallick's debt, Elias alleged.

But the plaintiff said media reports in September 2010 showed that Visa Inc. had severed its relationship with ePassporte, with Mallick's company dissolving the next month.

Upon conducting an investigation into Mallick's affairs, Elias learned in January 2011 that Mallick had actually settled his divorce for $6.1 million, according to the complaint.

Although the parties entered into a settlement agreement in March 2013 whereby Mallick provided a $12 million promissory note, the producer failed to make the payments due under the arrangement, according to Fire Glow's motion.

In his opposition to the motion to enforce the settlement, filed on June 9, Mallick argues that Fire Glow “surreptitiously interjected” language into the consent judgment that contradicts their express agreement not to find him liable for wrongdoing, and thus allow Fire Glow to recover judgment on its fraud charge — rending the debt nondischargeable in bankruptcy.

On Friday, Judge Duffy-Lewis accepted Fire Glow's argument, and entered the consent judgment requiring Mallick to pay the $12 million.

Fire Glow is represented by Aalok Sharma, Charles C. Kline and Mark E. Gustafson of White & Case LLP.

Mallick is represented by Thomas H. Vidal, Michael J. Weiss and Nina N. Ameri of Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson LLP.

The case is Fire Glow Holding Inc. v. Christopher Mallick, case number BC470633, in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Investor sues Chris Mallick Oxymoron Entertainment and Epassporte

An Investor and part time actor who became an unwitting "investor" in a questionable new film Producer, Christopher Mallick's  film ventures sues in another fraud type case similar to the recent case of Curacao businessman Gregory Elias of Fireglow Investment Fund.

The complaint charges Chris Mallick, (Oxymoron Entertainment) and his now defunct e-commerce company 'Epassporte' with Breach of Contract and the Illegal Conversion of funds +.
Christopher Mallick misappropriated the funds of the California investor, according the the complaint.  Mallick once owned the now defunct e-commerce company "ePassporte". whose services were terminated by their sponsoring bank soon after the release of Mallick's film, which he allegedly self produced to the tune of nearly $30 million.  The bank found "deficiencies" and abruptly ended their relationship with Christopher Mallick.

The complaint alleges Oxymoron Entertainment - Christopher Mallick misappropriated the L.A. actor and internet investor's account funds and unlawfully used them in the production and distribution of assets, including a string of films all of which underperformed at the box office or went straight to DVD.  Oxymoron Entertainment 's Mallick acted in a manner that was premeditated, systematic and/or methodical, with the explicit intent to conceal his activities, because it was being done without plaintiff's consent and for the purpose of a Fraudulent Conversion.  

Update:  Christopher Mallick, (who was once dragged into U.S. Court in an involuntary Bankruptcy), has failed to return any of the funds.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

ePassporte website shut down

ePassporte website is shut down but Mr. Mallick  has yet to return ePassporte account holders' funds, estimated to be in the millions of dollars! All people around the world must know...
Christopher Mallick is a Thief!
The truth remains. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oxymoron Entertainment Offshore Scam Report - Christopher Mallick vs Zahavi Murphy

Oxymoron Entertainment - Christopher Mallick still on the run, as Lawyers and Creditors attempt to uncover the whereabouts of his customers account funds, estimated by some to be in the Tens of Millions of U.S. dollars.

Christopher Mallick's Epassporte / 24-7 Commercial Marketing inc. and Oxymoron Entertainment Scandal goes on.

Curacao and U.S. based attorney's have successfully sued Christopher Mallick on behalf of a small number of Mallick's  /Oxymoron Entertainment news / Epassporte Customers.  If you recall, John Chris Mallick was the owner and controller of now defunct online "Billing Company" ePassporte, from where customer funds were allegedly siphoned away without permission and vanished.  Oxymoron Entertainment news reports; Chris Mallick has since admitted to owing the money, but has avoided payment utilizing various means up until recently when a judge brought the hammer down on him and forced him to abide by his agreements.

Incredibly, an opposing attorney has recently stated:
"...We have received information that shows that Mr Mallick has stolen a large amount from the account holders of Epassporte, ranging between USD $ 20 million to as much as..."

Another round of civil lawsuits are reported to be in the pipeline as well as possible criminal charges against Christopher Mallick for his repeated acts of gross negligence.
In his recent past, Christopher Mallick has been at the center of a Securities Fraud case, as well as another - Mallick Fraud - charge which was quietly settled.

Mr. Michael Olsen, a former employee of Christopher Mallick and a Senior Manager stated:

"I hope (Christopher Mallick) and his friends get what they deserve, now (years) later I still have people contacting me asking about their money and where it is. Christopher Mallick is a crook and anyone still associating themselves with him or working for any of the companies (he is) involved with ... is as big a crook."

 (source: Oxymoron Entertainment News & Research group)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mallick's and his lawyers' threats

In response to Mallick's and his lawyers' threats I have only one thing to say in public...


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thousands of people are still waiting for their money to be returned

All people around the world must know - Chris Mallick is embezzler, cheater, thief!

Thousands of people are still waiting for their money to be returned! 


"Rest assured... your funds are safe."