Saturday, March 1, 2014

ePassporte website shut down

ePassporte website is shut down but Mr. Mallick  has yet to return ePassporte account holders' funds, estimated to be in the millions of dollars! All people around the world must know...
Christopher Mallick is a Thief!
The truth remains. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oxymoron Entertainment Offshore Scam Report - Christopher Mallick vs Zahavi Murphy

Oxymoron Entertainment - Christopher Mallick still on the run, as Lawyers and Creditors attempt to uncover the whereabouts of his customers account funds, estimated by some to be in the Tens of Millions of U.S. dollars.

Christopher Mallick's Epassporte / 24-7 Commercial Marketing inc. and Oxymoron Entertainment Scandal goes on.

Curacao and U.S. based attorney's have successfully sued Christopher Mallick on behalf of a small number of Mallick's  /Oxymoron Entertainment news / Epassporte Customers.  If you recall, John Chris Mallick was the owner and controller of now defunct online "Billing Company" ePassporte, from where customer funds were allegedly siphoned away without permission and vanished.  Oxymoron Entertainment news reports; Chris Mallick has since admitted to owing the money, but has avoided payment utilizing various means up until recently when a judge brought the hammer down on him and forced him to abide by his agreements.

Incredibly, an opposing attorney has recently stated:
"...We have received information that shows that Mr Mallick has stolen a large amount from the account holders of Epassporte, ranging between USD $ 20 million to as much as..."

Another round of civil lawsuits are reported to be in the pipeline as well as possible criminal charges against Christopher Mallick for his repeated acts of gross negligence.
In his recent past, Christopher Mallick has been at the center of a Securities Fraud case, as well as another - Mallick Fraud - charge which was quietly settled.

Mr. Michael Olsen, a former employee of Christopher Mallick and a Senior Manager stated:

"I hope (Christopher Mallick) and his friends get what they deserve, now (years) later I still have people contacting me asking about their money and where it is. Christopher Mallick is a crook and anyone still associating themselves with him or working for any of the companies (he is) involved with ... is as big a crook."

 (source: Oxymoron Entertainment News & Research group)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mallick's and his lawyers' threats

In response to Mallick's and his lawyers' threats I have only one thing to say in public...


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thousands of people are still waiting for their money to be returned

All people around the world must know - Chris Mallick is embezzler, cheater, thief!

Thousands of people are still waiting for their money to be returned! 


"Rest assured... your funds are safe."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cover-up? Christy Taylor Barnes & Christopher Mallick - Oxymoron Entertainment

Christy Taylor Barnes engages in image laundering for Christopher "fraud" Mallick.

Christy Taylor Barnes acct - In attempt at what is know as "cyber squatting", purchases
dozens of names of websites that could be used to criticize her Piggy Bank / Boss, Christopher Mallick.

The scheme includes a glaring conflict of interest.  Oxymoron Entertainment's Christopher Mallick employs a questionable attorney named Michael Weiss, who is listed as a "co producer" of Mallick's failing and super expensive films.  He is seen in pictures with his arm draped around Mallick with looks on their faces like they just stole something.

His legal practice issues dozens of fraudulent DMCA notices in a frivolous attempt to hide the scam by silencing anyone criticizing the "ePassporte Scam".

By profiting from the film, Weiss would have a "special $" interest in silencing victims.

(source: Oxymoron Entertainment News & Research group)

Questions on Christopher Mallick and Gregory Elias

More Questions lead to even More Questions about Oxymoron Entertainment a.k.a. Epassporte and Christopher Mallick. If it looks like fraud and smells like fraud...

Due to the many requests for information, we thought we would post a series of email and photo's.

Below are some photos of Email between Oxymoron Entertainment's Christopher Mallick and Mr. Gregory Elias. 

Previous questions have only led to more questions, for example:

In July 2010, why did Gregory Elias ask Christopher Mallick to confirm that Epassporte was closing down effective Oct. 2010?  Christopher Mallick then denied it.

Why would Mr. Elias suspect this in the first place?  If  Oxymoron Entertainment a.k.a. Epassporte's Mallick suggested it earlier, why this date, the date that Epassporte actually DID shut down operations?

Why is Mr. Elias asking this nearly 4 months ahead of time, especially considering that Christopher Mallick wrote to his Epassporte Wallet Accountholders that the sudden closure was " action we did not see coming"? 

Below, Epassporte / Oxymoron Entertainment (Christopher Mallick) practically threaten their customers, warning them not to contact Mr. Gregory Elias.

Epassporte (Mallick) states that this will "slow down the process ePassporte controls". 

What process was that? 

Emails indicate that there was no "process" whatsoever that affected the return of customer funds.  The letters we have (so far unpublished) indicate that Mallick was not at all working any real process.

(source: Oxymoron Entertainment News & Research group)

Friday, May 10, 2013

How Justice Works


Mallick's lawyers contacted me regarding the ePassporte scam. 



 How Justice Works

1. Mr. Christopher Chris Mallick - scammer, swindler or "famous producer" steals your money.

2. You publish the truth on the Internet ...and wait many years!

3. Thief's lawyers want to silence you and remove Mr. Mallick's guilt by repaying you your stolen money in exchange for removing your sites/blogs and you must agree that you will not post any negative content about Epassporte and Mr. Mallick.

There are so many people scammed by Chris Mallick with their money frozen in the ePassporte Wallet and never meant to be returned.